Top 15 Meanest Matte Exotic & Luxury Cars

The latest trend on the roads now is painting your car matte, for a more exotic and expensive look. It’s a bit ironic because painting matte used to be the cheap option for your car, but well, not anymore! Nowadays, instead of a shiny ride, people favor the mysterious matte color and I can’t lie, the matte paint does give the vehicle an extra fancy look, it’s like the cherry on top of an already beautiful ride.

Usually, the matte finish is achieved by wrapping with vinyl rather than actual paint. A vinyl wrap goes over the car to hide the shine and instead give a deep, non-reflective look that the matte paint would usually give.

This could save you hundreds of dollars and would give you the same, but like everything in the world; there’s a bad side to it. With a matte paint, it becomes extremely difficult and expensive to fix the scratches on the paint.

With matte, the old buffing the scratch out way doesn’t really work and if you find a way to fix the scratches, it would be very difficult to match the same shade of the paint you had on.

So is it really worth it?

Maybe these 15 glorious matte’d cars will help you decide, shall we begin?


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