The 9 Most Insane Auto Insurance Claims Ever (Including a $2 Million Dollar Claim Caught on Tape!)

1. Dubai Aventador Fire

The internet seems to be ripe with Lamborghinis catching on fire lately. Several weeks after the Gallardo that went out in a tragic blaze of glory in India, this Aventador 50th Anniversario Roadster burned to utter ruin in Dubai, the land where even the police cars cost more than your house. (Note: the SV decals are not in fact genuine). According to reports, local authorities cited manufacturing fault as the cause of the blaze that took this beautiful special-edition Aventador before its time. While it is always a tragedy to see such a marvelous driving machine go to waste, at least this was a legitimate insurance claim and not an attempt to scam the system at the cost of one of the world’s great automobiles.

Aventador Fire 1

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