The 9 Most Insane Auto Insurance Claims Ever (Including a $2 Million Dollar Claim Caught on Tape!)

Let’s face it; paying your monthly insurance bill is not the most fun part of owning a car. When it comes to supercars, this staggering bill can be big enough for most people to need a second mortgage on their house just for the monthly bill. Insurance is a great thing to have when you have an accident. Sometimes the unexpected happens and insurance companies are there to have your back (just think about that reassuring Allstate guy’s voice).

Almost everyone needs a car but Americans have a way of over-extending themselves with credit and sometimes can’t afford to keep up with their bills. Other times, some people just really want to get ahold of insurance money to get a new car like one of our stories featured here today. Unfortunately, that’s not how the system works and if you take that route, you’re more likely to have a much bigger mess on your hands.

From car accidents to house fires and even murders, crooks have been coming up with crafty ways to seek out insurance payouts since the insurance business started. There have even been movies like Double Jeopardy about trying murder a spouse to collect on the insurance. Unfortunately for crooks like these, it’s no easy task outwitting insurance companies and law enforcement. And if you get caught, insurance fraud is a very, very serious crime. From unfortunate accidents, to deliberate debauchery, today’s list features the most outrageous auto insurance claims the internet has to offer. One of them even features a $2 million Bugatti crash caught on tape and payout-seeking owner ends up all wet. You won’t believe some of these stories.

Here are the 9 Most Insane Auto Insurance Claims Ever:

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