The 14 Cars of James Bond—A Spectre of Greatness

1. Dr. No – Sunbeam Alpine Series II
The Sunbeam Alpine isn’t the flashiest Bond car, but it is the original, and for that alone it needs to be on this list. A British car for a British spy, the Sunbeam was Bond’s car of choice in both the film Dr. No and the novel by Ian Fleming. One of many convertibles for Bond, this car’s highlight in the series was the unforgettable mountain chase that saw the secret agent being pursued by a hearse and escaping by fitting the relatively small Sunbeam Series II under a fallen crane!

One of only 19,956 ever made, the Series II was allegedly borrowed from a resident on the island the movie was filmed on. Although it may not be the most memorable Bond car, the Alpine Series II provided the spy with a distinctly British and stylish car for his first major motion picture. At an average used price of $18,000, you can live out your Bond fantasy for relatively cheap compared to some of the other cars on this list.

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