The 14 Cars of James Bond—A Spectre of Greatness

A Spectre of Greatness By Mark Rubino

Since his introduction to the silver screen in the early 1960s, James Bond has consistently left audiences jealous of his high-end suits, futuristic gadgets, gorgeous love interests and unbelievable cars. Unlike his drink order, Bond’s taste in cars changes with each new movie, allowing him to drive the latest and greatest vehicles on the planet with each new film in the franchise.

Part of the joy of a new Bond movie is seeing what supercar he’ll be driving, and then finding out how it will end up destroyed or careening through the streets in a balls-to-the-wall chase sequence. High-speed chases are an important part of the Bond formula that makes him the world’s most beloved character. But, to have awesome chase scenes, Bond needs cars that look good to the audience and perform even better at high speeds and around tight corners.

From Dr. No all the way through to the upcoming Spectre, we’re going to look at the vehicles that help make James Bond such an icon.

The 14 Cars of James Bond—A Spectre of Greatness:


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