NFL Best Picks: “15 Hottest Cars of Football’s All Stars

1. Jay Cutler, Audi R8 GT

If you haven’t heard of Jay Cutler, you must not be a football fan. As one of the most well-known quarterbacks in the game today, Cutler has distinguished himself on and off the gridiron. Between his marriage to reality star Kristin Cavallari, media appearances on television shows like South Park and The League, and his solid passing with the Bears, Cutler is living the high life that only a premier NFL quarterback could fathom.

There’s no better way to celebrate that success than with an awesome car. Cutler’s choice? The sleek Audi R8 GT. What makes this supercar special? Could it be the limited run? The hulking V10 engine? The aluminum wheels?

The truth is that all of this combines with a much nimbler handling package than any other R8 has ever had, making Cutler’s car of choice one of the coolest options out there. Sure, you’ve seen some Audi R8s passing you on the highway, but none as cool as Cutler’s nearly all-white model with orange side accents.


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