Most Infamous Celebrity Car Crash Survivors

Gary Busey
Gary Busey’s Hard-Headed Helmetless Collision

Actor Gary Busey is known for being more than a little out there. From the screen to commercials, to interviews his acting style and personality don’t seem too far separated. Gary can come off a bit eccentric, maybe even a little tapped at times. Some have even wondered where where her picked up some of his peculiar ways. Well, a head first run in with a curb over the front end of a Harley can certainly have a way of changing your perspective in more ways than one.

In one of the more infamous celebrity car crash survival stories of its day, Busey had just picked up his Harley on a sunny day in 1988 without a care in the world except his excitement for his new wheels. Not long after he got off the lot, the bike slid and lost traction on a dicey patch of gravel. Busey, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, was projected over the handlebars, flipped over and hit his head square on the curb—a devastating injury.

Doctors feared the worst for Busey, given the nature of the crash. After 33 days in a coma, permanent brain damage appeared inevitable as a result of his internal hemorrhaging. Miraculously, Busey emerged from the coma and has since survived without permanent damage. While some might say Busey is a bit odd in the head, his perspective on the accident and protecting riders’ noggins is certainly positive. Thankful for his deliverance from a close brush with death, Busey is now a major activist for helmet use and motorcycle safety.

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