Kylie Jenner’s Modified Multi-Million Dollar Exotic Car & Luxury Car Collection (Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Ferarri, More)

1) Mercedes G-Class SUV

Jenner - G Wagon
When birthday girl Kylie Jenner posted her flashy G-Class SUV on Instagram with the caption, “The Wagon,” she made some serious internet waves. Naturally haters were on the prowl but who can blame her for enjoying her new ride. Known commonly as the G-Wagon, this SUV is a symbol of style and status with a starting price of $115,400. While this is no chunk of change, it should come as no surprise that Jenner didn’t exactly end up with the base model.


The G-Wagon was actually a gift for Kylie’s 16th birthday in 2013. Unfortunately, she crashed it just two short weeks later. The version pictured may or may not be the second G-Class specimen in her collection. However, sources report that Jenner simply ordered a paint job for the $233,000 Benz just a month or so after she was first spotted in the vehicle. Taking the G-Class from red to a matte cerulean shade, to the matte charcoal pictured, this SUV has been through the ringer. With the innate flashiness of the G-Class, Jenner’s looks excellent in its final more understated paint.

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