Kylie Jenner’s Modified Multi-Million Dollar Exotic Car & Luxury Car Collection (Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Ferarri, More)

Kylie Jenner’s Multi-Million Dollar Car Collection

The baby sister in the Kardashian/Jenner family has earned herself a bit of a name for her minor car accidents. As with everything this family does, media and fans are all over it every time Kylie gets a new car or crashes one. Unlike most teens driving beaters and used clunkers, this social media maven and reality TV star is cruising around in some of the finest vehicles money can buy. Some might say that kids should learn responsibility before driving hundreds of thousands worth of car power around, but then again that just wouldn’t fit the family style. Fender-benders aside, Kylie Jenner always rides in style, even when she borrows mom’s car.

Despite her traffic incidents, young Jenner has amassed herself quite a respectable little collection of world-class cars. Today, we’ll trace the history of Kylie’s lavish 4-wheeled birthday presents, her fender benders along the way, and of course, her own stylish pick ups. Plus, don’t miss her latest luxurious addition—the Rolls Royce Ghost. When it comes to cars, Kylie might know how to crash ‘em, but she sure knows how to pick ‘em too. So, join us for a virtual test drive of Kylie Jenner’s car collection.

Here are the 6 of Kylie Jenner’s Multi-Million Dollar Cars:


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