Justin Bieber & His 11 Ultimate Fleet of Cars

1. Ferrari 458 Italia

This all white Ferrari 458 was customized by none other than West Coast Customs. CAR Magazine has given it the title of Car of the Year, and so have other magazines such as Auto Express, What Car, Fifth Gear and the Daily Telegraph. Introduced in the year of 2009 the Ferrari 458 comes with a V8 engine with a 4.5 liter capacity.

Priced approximately at around $220,000 USD, its sleek design is inspired by Ferrari’s affiliation with Formula 1 racing and doesn’t fail to deliver outstanding looks and agility.

Definitely one of the more popular cars in the pop icon’s collection… considering the controversy behind this car in particular, a paparazzi photographer was once killed by this vehicle as he was trying to snap pictures of the person inside the car.

Misconception later had it that Justin Bieber was in the driver’s seat but later on it was acknowledged that “Lil Twist” was actually the one driving. It was misconceived because of the custom job tinted windows.


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