Justin Bieber & His 11 Ultimate Fleet of Cars

Justin Bieber’s car collection is as unique as this pop star’s rise to fame. Manager scooter Braun and singer Usher contributed not only to Bieber’s fame, but they also started him off with a new ride. His first car was a Range Rover, very impressive considering the fact that he was only 16 when he got it.

Later on Bieber customized the Range Rover to his own liking. His Ferrari 458 Italia has been pulled over more times than any of the other vehicles in his collection.

Right alongside the Ferrari would be his equally infamous Cadillac CTS-V; he refers to it as the “Bat Mobile,” after the custom work done by Ryan Friedlinghause at West Coast Customs. Friedlinghause, from the well known MTV reality series “Pimp My Ride”, has worked on many of Bieber’s vehicle transformations.

Summing up to great deal of money and popularity, there’s no doubt within the fan base of Justin Bieber that he has a very noticeable collection of automobiles. From supercars to eccentric cars, the pop icon’s collection is undoubtedly respectable. Starting from the young age of 16 to present day, it’s safe to say that Justin Bieber has a thing for cars. Considering the amount of drama and personal controversies behind each and everyone one of his cars, they’re of obvious value to the celebrity.

Justin Bieber has a car collection at a young age that most grown men can’t even compete with. With an impressive worth of millions of dollars just in cars, he is without a doubt insanely impressive with his vehicles and customization. His outstanding fleet of vehicles has been on magazine covers and news headlines throughout the world, for the better and worst. His cars have often been the reason as to why his fanatics believe that he hasn’t been taking the law seriously, but with a net worth of $110 million USD and exceeding, sometimes you tend to overlook the law. It’s no doubt that Justin Bieber has an excellent taste in vehicles.

We present to you Bieber’s top 11 Cars:


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