Controversial Celebrity Kanye West and his 9 Outlandish Custom Cars

Mercedes G63

kanye g550

Somewhere it’s written that every rapper’s car collection needs a G Wagon. This lovely specimen pictured belongs to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The four-wheel drive luxury SUV is manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria and distributed by Mercedes-Benz to lucky owners around the globe. The ‘G-Wagon,’ as the G63 and its predecessors have been nicknamed, is a symbol of luxury and style among Hollywood’s elite.

This is by no means the most surprising item in Kanye’s car collection as the G-Wagon has come to represent a staple in celebrity travel style. After the accident that left Kanye with his jaw wired shut, it makes perfect sense that he would keep one of these large SUVs in his arsenal if for no other reason than its safety features. However, the G-Wagon’s boxy signature style and body on frame design along with its use of three fully locking differentials distinguish the beefy celeb-wagon from its peers.