Controversial Celebrity Kanye West and his 9 Outlandish Custom Cars

When it comes to all matters of taste and style, Kanye West tends to have everyone’s attention. His choice in vehicles is no exception to this rule and Kanye’s collection speaks for itself. Whether you agree with his outlandish personal style, or support his new clothing line, some things are undeniable. Kanye is in the spotlight 24/7; his taste and style are heard and felt. His unique style confuses some and inspires others. So that leaves the question, what does Kanye drive? As you might expect the list isn’t short and includes a number of cars most of us can only drool over.

Kanye’s breakthrough hit, “Through the Wire” was recorded to express his feelings about a life threatening car crash while his jaw was still wired shut from the incident. How did that incident shape his taste in vehicles? We’ll find out today. Some of the rapper’s most infamous and defining moments involve cthe bdayars, so we’ll take a look at the history of ‘Ye’s wheels. Not to mention, catch the rise and fall of the greatest drivable birthday present that any star could ever receive. We’ll explore Kanye’s vehicle collection inside and out. Find out what the Louis Vuitton Don drives when he arrives in style. Here it is, please join us for a virtual test drive of Kanye West’s car collection.

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