Floyd Mayweather’s Top 8 Super Cars : Six Million Dollar Collection

Floyd Mayweather has made a professional career of doling out a beating and flattening out his opponents in front of a live audience, comprising of about a billion fans. In 2014 alone, the prizefighter made in excess of $105 Million, according to Forbes Magazine.

He has had to work hard to achieve his present day status and obviously feels he deserves to relish the best of whatever the world offers. The boxer, amongst other luxurious items, is an avid collector of cars.

Keep reading to find out more about Mayweather’s Exotic Car Collection considered to be roughly valued at $5.94 Million.

Naturally, Mayweather Has His Own Fleet of Sweet Luxury Rides

The Beginning

Mayweather claims to have had an eternal appetite for the finer things life has to offer, especially luxury cars. The first car that he purchased was a 1996 Mercedez-Benz S600. The rear-wheel drive has a colossal V12 engine. Boasting an M120 engine with 6.0 liters, this car is 402HP. He is still in possession of this beauty and just recently crossed the 30,000 mark on miles while listening to old school tape cassettes.

Since your curiosity about the boxing star has probably piqued, we’re going to give you a partial list of what’s parked amongst his various collections. Mayweather maintains a separate collection for Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas.

Here are Mayweather’s Top 8 Super Cars:


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