7 Most American Supercars

When it comes to American supercars, some are quick to write us off in comparison to the legendary German and Italian automakers. But don’t be too quick to judge. Today we present to you the 7 American supercars that are holding it down and keeping the US competitive on the world stage of high performance automobiles.

We have entries from some staples of the American auto industry, as well some names you might not be as familiar with but you should be. One thing is for sure, they’re fast as hell and they’re designed and built right here in the USA. Nothing says celebrating your independence weekend quite like an American supercar ripping by at a casual 200mph.

Today, we’ll take a look at the tech, torque and horsepower that keep these speed demons tearing up asphalt and tight around the corners. If you’re ready to celebrate your independence, join us for a red, white and blue badass test drive of the 7 Most American Supercars in honor the of the 4th of July!

3 - Ultimate Aero XT

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