6 Things You Never Knew About Porsche

Did you know that a tractor was once designed by Porsche that was meant to be used exclusively for coffee farming? Bet you never knew that. Okay well that was just a warm up, we are actually going to unveil some cool facts about the world renowned Porsche you never knew about.

Before we dive in, one should know what the actual emblem of the Porsche represents.

At the core of the crest lies the rearing horse, the seal of the city of Stuttgart. This serves as a strong statement of loyalty to Porsche’s production site. The antlers and the black and red colors are driven from the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Wu?rttemberg, which is the modern state of Wu?rttemberg-Hohenzollern. The insignia of Porsche appears on top. It is surrounded by a curved golden shield.

Here’s a list of 6 little known Porsche facts:


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