16 Supercars You’ll Never See Around

When it comes to supercars, there are the household names, that every kid has a toy version of at some point or another. On the other hand, there are the lesser-known carmakers, the highly rare and limited-release models, hidden gems and diamonds in the rough. Some of these were flops, others took too daring of risks with their design and never caught on with a larger audience and some are perfect road signs marking the strange and colorful path that supercar design has taken through the years.

Today we take you on a test drive of the world’s most obscure supercars. No matter where you live, it’s truly rare to see any single one of these cruising around. Most people never will; these are some rare birds here folks. We’ll look at what makes them perform and maybe get a better understanding of what keeps these outliers out of the spotlight. Is it their niche market appeal? Do they stand up to the big name exotic carmakers?

We’ll add up the numbers and present 16 Supercars You Probably Haven’t Heard Of:

1 - Renovatio


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