15 Most Ridiculous Automobile Traffic Laws

Some driving enthusiasts have a difficult time following the rules of the road. And if you’re a commuter, you may have noticed there are plenty of bad drivers out there. Some states have had to take some strange and drastic measures to keep drivers in line. Today, we present the 15 Most Ridiculous Traffic Laws in America. From the hilarious to the downright strange, this list has it all.

Have you ever thought about taking a leisurely drive through a playground? How about hopping out of your friend’s car at 65 mph? Maybe not, but some other laws might surprise you. Let’s keep you out of jail, on the road and well informed on America’s strangest traffic laws no matter what state you find yourself cruising through. We can’t have you driving down the wrong street in Alabama without a lantern, or spooking the horses in Mississippi. Ready to get moving? Check out the next slide.
13 - Ohio

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