11 Ways to Waste Money on an Exotic Car ( Performance Parts, Modifications, and More?!)

If you already own a newer exotic car, then you know that these hand built machines do not compromise on design. Whether it’s a Mclaren Coupe, Mercedes AMG GT S, Ferrari FF, Porsche 911 GTS, Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe or Lamborghini, an exotic car is a new realm of art and luxury.

These new cars offer a glimpse into the future of the exotic car industry, with fresh design elements and technology that’s making its way into mainstream dealerships. If you own an older model, and you are unhappy with some of the kits that have been installed, aftermarket upgrades are available.

From turbo charging of natural aspirated motors, exhaust and headers and ECU upgrades, to intelligent suspension lift systems, customizing your older exotic car has unlimited possibilities. Let’s face it, if you have already decided to spend a lot of money on a new or used sports car, then you’ll also need to know the 11 best ways to waste money on an exotic car.

Some of the owners of exotic cars will tell you that it’s not simply about power and speed. It’s also about the rareness, personal uniqueness and style. Most of all, it’s about the image, having the money to buy it and being able to make the bold statement of just how successful you are.

For others, it’s a passion for driving coupled with a need for power and speed. They buy these powerhouses to not only show off, but to take it to the track and run it. It’s a rush that you can get addicted to very quickly. Still others own them just because they love cars.

Many exotic cars are parked in a garage and rarely seen, because the owners want to personally enjoy them or because they bought them as an investment. The bottom line is that the manufacturers of exotic cars didn’t build them for the penny pinchers. The manufacturers built them for people who can afford the finest, most powerful and unique vehicles that money can buy.

Here are 11 Ways to Waste or Splurge Money on an Exotic Car:

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