10 Worst Supercar Fails of All Time (#9 is More than You Can Handle)

1. Audi Sport Quattro

audi sport quattro

Featuring a powerful turbocharged five-cylinder alloy-block engine that had four valves per cylinder, Germany’s Audi Sport Quattro was first produced in 1983. This car had a voice synthesizer on the dashboard that allowed the driver to know potential problems. It has a rich rallying history, but Audi only built 224 of them. It was significantly shorter than the standard Quattro, and its steel monologue shell featured numerous GRP and carbon-Kevlar panels to cut down its weight. The engine displacement also required a reduction to meet the FIA regulations.
Audi developed this model following the stiff competition the original Quattro faced from all-wheel-drive Group B rally cars. This prompted the automaker to reduce the wheelbase by 12.6 inches, creating a nose-heavy monster that had a tendency to under steer.


Unfortunately, this version was not very successful even though Audi added a heavy front spoiler. Most of the produced models were only sold to select customers through specialized dealers. We consider this one of the biggest fails Audi ever produced and, if you look at how the car is remembered, we aren’t alone.